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Special Offer For Christmas Season

 Celebrate Christmas in the Holy Land


Dec 23th – 1st Day: Arriving to Israel (Ben Gurion Airport), Meeting with our Guide and then proceed to Jerusalem.

Dec 24th – 2nd Day:  Touring Jerusalem – Visiting the MT of olives, The Church of Pater Noster (Where Jesus taught his disciples the Lord’s prayer; Luke 11: 2-4) After that continuing to observe the famous and beautiful Temple Mount (The third holiest site in Islam and the first holiest site in Judaism). Then continue to visit the Dominus Flevit (The Lord Wept) Church (Luke 19:37-42). And continue to the Gethsemane Garden and The church of Agony, Walking wall

After lunch and relaxation, a visit to Shepherd’s Field Church in Bethlehem takes place and then heading to visit the Nativity Church where Jesus was born.

Dec 25th – 3rd Day:  Merry Christmas! - Visiting Jerusalem’s Lion Gate, the Via Dolorosa (Where Jesus walked his last walk from the prison to the crucifixion). After lunch, continue to MT Zion and to visit the upper room, King David’s Tomb and St. Peter in Galicanto.

Dec 26th – 4th Day: Driving North to visit the beautiful mountains and visit the Beatitude Church to overlook the marvelous view of the Sea of Galilee. Continue to the church of Multiplication (Where Jesus fed the five thousand people; Matthew 14: 13-21), continue to the church of Primacy and going to Capernaum, and for the end of the day, going to the town of Jesus (Nazareth).

Dec 27th – 5th Day: Driving to MT Tabour in order to visit the Transfiguration Church (Where to be believed the place where Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah). Continue to Cana of Galilee (Where Jesus did the first miracle in the Bible; Turning water into wine). Driving back to Nazareth to visit The Annunciation Basilica (The place where Angel Gabriel told Mary that she will give birth to Jesus)

Dec 28th – 6th Day: Driving back to Tel Aviv – Ben Gurion Airport and to head back home. 


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