Our Tours

13 Days Tour: Israel / Palestine


1st Day:

Meet & Assist at the Airport, Transfer to Negev Desert.

Dinner & O/N Beer Shiva


2nd Day:

After Breakfast, visit the historic site of Tel Arad, continue to Beer Shiva: visit the city of Abraham & the Bedouin Women center “Lakiya weaving”.

Dinner & O/N Beer Shiva.


3rd Day:

Starting our day by visiting the historic Nabatean city of Avdat, Mitspe Ramon; overlooking Ramon Crater, Masada; the Jewish citadels. Following enjoy floating in the Dead Sea.

At the evening, continue to Jericho.

Dinner & O/N Jericho.


4th Day: 

After Breakfast, visiting Qumran Scrolls, Jericho the oldest city in the world, Jesus Baptist site at the Jordan River.

Dinner & O/N Jericho.


5th Day:

After Breakfast, departure to the North: Nazareth City.

Upon arrival to Nazareth City we will visit: The old City of Nazareth, Annunciation Church, the old market, Mary’s well & St-Gabriel Church.

Afternoon, will head to Cana; the wedding miracle & the archeological site of “Wadi Hamam”.

Following will continue to Tiberias.

Dinner & O/N Tiberias.


6th Day:

Full Day around Lake of Galilee, starting our day by visiting Tabgha, Caphernaum, Mount Beatitude & Magdala Center. 

Boat trip in the Sea of Galilee.

Dinner & O/N Tiberias.


7th Day:

After Breakfast, heading to Golan Heights, visiting Banias “Caesarea Philippi “. Following we continue to Mount Tabor: Jesus transfiguration.

Dinner & O/N Tiberias.


8th day:

After Breakfast, leaving to the Mediterranean shores, visiting Mount Carmel, St Elie caves, the archeological site of Caesarea & the old city of Jaffa. 

Afternoon will continue to Jerusalem.

Dinner & O/N Jerusalem.


9th Day:

After Breakfast, heading to Hebron; visit the patriarch’s tomb, returning to Bethlehem; visiting the shepherd’s field & The Nativity Church. Back to Jerusalem.

Dinner & O/N Jerusalem.


10th Day:

After Breakfast, full day6 Jerusalem: Mount Olives, Church of All nations, Gethsemane, Maria Magdalena church, The grotto of our father.

Afternoon, Mount Zion, Cenacle, Dormition.

Dinner & O/N Jerusalem.


11th Day:

Walking day at the old city of Jerusalem, starting by visiting the Wailing Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque, The Holy Sepulchre church and the garden Tomb. 

Dinner & O/N Jerusalem.


12th Day:

Starting our day by visiting Via Dolorosa, then continue to Emmaus Nicopolis; archeological site.

Back to Jerusalem, free afternoon in Jerusalem.

Dinner & O/N Jerusalem.


13 Day:

Departure Day: leaving Jerusalem to visit Ein Kareem, where John the Baptist was born. Following leaving to Tel Aviv city; Transfer to the Airport.